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Construction Updates

May Construction Updates

Building 6

  • Roof Drains were installed Friday.
  • Roof over framing and truss inspection Monday, May 10th.
  • Roof Dry-in to start (weather pending) Wednesday, May 12th.
  • Window install starts on the First floor (weather pending) Wednesday, May 12th.
  • Metal stairs and railings are at fabrication.
  • Fireplace installation projected to start the week of May 17th.
  • Expected completion August.
Building 9

North End

  • All 6 units have primer coat and ceilings painted.
  • Flooring complete in 6 units.
  • Shower tile complete in 5 units.
  • Interior door delivery Friday, May 14th.
  • Interior wood trim to start week of 17th.

  • All 6 units have primer coat and ceilings have been painted.
  • Flooring will start week of May 10th.
  • Shower tile to start the week of May 10th.
  • Interior door delivery Friday, May 14th.
South End

  • Texture of all 6 units – will be complete by May 14th.
  • Primer coat starts May 17th.

  • Texture complete by Wednesday, May 12th.
  • Garage door installation starting Thursday, May 13th.
  • Primer/paint will start the week of May 17th.
  • Expected completion first or second week July.

April Construction Updates

Building 6

  • Third-floor framing is underway
  • Roof trusses delivered April 20th
  • Window installation will begin
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing started for 1st & 2nd floors
Building 9

  • North end – Insulation and Drywall inspections passed. Primer coat scheduled for April 26th. Tile installation begins April 28th
  • Middle– Drywall installation has begun. Screw inspection April 23rd. Mud and tape starts April 26th
  • South end – Drywall delivered April 20th. Screw inspection April 27th. Mud and tape starts April 28th

March Construction Updates

Building 6

  • The first & second level framing is complete
  • First level units are plumbed
  • Carport concrete poured
Building 9

  • Railings are being installed on patios
  • Fireplaces are installed
  • Plumbing and electrical is being finished

January Construction Updates

Building 6

  • Cement slab projected for pour end of Jan, pending weather.
Building 9

  • Framing inspection is projected to start in the next 10 days.
  • Electrical work continues.
  • Fireplace installation starts Tuesday.

December Construction Updates

Building 6

  • Plumbing prep for cement pour beginning of Jan.
  • Next deposits due in two weeks
Building 9

  • Drywall to begin 1st week of January (weather permitting)
  • Final framing deposits due in three weeks

November Construction Updates

Building 6

  • Slab will be poured in 3 weeks
  • July completion expected
Building 8

  • Painting
  • Flooring and cabinets install starting soon
  • Second week of December closing
Building 9

  • Soundproofing
  • Gypcrete
  • Center staircase will be installed next week
  • Six weeks out from cabinets being installed
  • One month until final framing inspection

October Construction Updates

I hope you all are enjoying the perfect fall weather we have had lately. We are all super excited to welcome our buyers in building 5 this month! Building six foundation is still waiting for the town's approval and should be moving forward soon!

Building 5

  • Landscaping will be finished next week
  • Trash enclosure in progress
  • Railings on stairs being installed
  • Garages are being painted
Building 8

  • Exterior doors being installed this week
  • Screw inspection
Building 9

  • Drive, curb, and gutter cement being laid this week
  • Plumbing continues to be installed

September Inspection Update

Building 8
Building has passed final framing inspection!

September Construction Updates

Summer is drawing to an end, but the weather in the high country is perfect this time of year. We had a light dusting of snow on the mountain tops this morning but that won't stop our crews! Construction at River West has progressed substantially. Even with being shut down due to COVID, delayed material and lumber shipments from manufacturers, and reduced workforce requirements, we are doing our best to make up for the delayed delivery dates. We understand you have loan locks and furniture deliveries, but these times are unprecedented, and our team is dedicated to providing a superior product. Please see below for specific building updates.

Building 5

Expected Delivery: Mid-October 2020

  • Flooring and tile installed
  • Cabinets installation in progress
  • Railings on decks are being installed
Building 6

Expected Delivery: July 2021

  • Foundation will be poured in the next 1-2 weeks, waiting on town permitting
Building 8

Expected Delivery: December 2020

  • In-floor radiant heat installation has begun
  • Framing inspections to begin within the week
Building 9

Expected Delivery: February/March 2021

  • Zip-paneling install has begun
  • Roof sheeting will be finished next week
  • Plumbing will be finishing up on the first floor this week

August Construction Updates

We've had a lot of progress in the last few weeks and our construction team is working diligently to make up for COVID delays. New delivery dates are as followed:

Building 5- October

Building 6- April/May

Building 8- November/December

Building 9- January/February

Building 5
  • Drywall is being finished
  • Decks are going in
Building 6
  • Breaking ground on building 6 this week
Building 8
  • Staircases being installed
  • Fire alarm system being installed
  • All electrical being installed
Building 9
  • Framing has begun on floor three

June 18, 2020

Framing Inspections

Building 5
Final Framing inspection is expected this week!
Building 8
Final Framing Inspection six weeks from now – End of July!
Building 9
Final Framing Inspection is estimated to be sometime in August. Most of the first floor is framed!

June 11, 2020

June 11th Update

  • Building 9: Final Framing Inspection is estimated to be sometime in August - Most of the first floor is framed
  • Building 8: Final Framing Inspection six weeks from now – End of July
  • Building 5: Final Framing inspection is expected this week!
June 11June 11

June 4, 2020

June 4th Update

  • Building 9: The slab has been poured. Framing will start the following week!
  • Building 8: Ground floor patios have been poured. Rough plumbing is underway.
  • Building 5: Estimate from the Builder is Final Faming Inspection the week of June 15-19. Electrical is mostly done and drywall backing is being installed for fireplace installation.

June 2, 2020

Colorado Craft Brokers Has Joined Our Team!

You may see new faces on site! Colorado Craft Brokers will be closing out the remainder of River West’s sales. CCB is owned by brokers Kim and Leslie Hebron. They have been serving residential and commercial clients for more than 4 decades. Matthew Strempke has joined the CCB team and will be co-listing remaining units alongside Kelly Hepburn. Stop by the sales trailer to say hello or to book an appointment!